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We are in the business of partnering to sell attractive overseas products that have not yet been released in Japan!

Would you like to sell your company’s products in Japan with us?

Domestic EC Mall Sales Ranking Top 3

1 billion yen


0 billion yen


0 billion yen


Selling Strategy

Our company specializes in selling on major Japanese e-commerce malls such as “Rakuten”, “Amazon” and “Yahoo”.

We keep on updating our strategies day by day, in order to try raising the sales ranking of our products. 

As one of the methods for that, we effectively incorporate pre-sale system in sales-type crowdfunding.

Sales Strategy in Japan

About Crowdfunding in Japan

Currently, purchase type crowdfunding is very popular in Japan.
The user demographic is mainly males between the ages of 30 and 60 who have relatively more money to spare.
They tend to buy “interesting” and “new” items as if they were on a treasure hunt.

Major crowdfunding platforms


Japan’s largest purchase-based crowdfunding platform, launched in 2013.

The average asking price is about 2 million yen. Cumulative amount is over 8 billion yen.



GREEN FUNDING does not focus on the number of projects listed, but on the success rate of the projects.

The average total amount of support is 3.92 million yen, which is the highest in the industry.




CAMPFIRE is a well-known platform with TV commercials, etc. The screening process tends to be a little looser than the other two companies, and the difficulty level is the lowest.


Successful Crowdfunding

Below are just a few of the successful stories of excellent sales from crowdfunding in Japan. There are many projects that have generated close to 100 million yen in sales within a crowdfunding period of only one to three months. In addition, successful crowdfunding projects are widely covered by the media and frequently receive offers from larger sales channels, allowing you to take advantage of more lucrative sales strategies.


Most frequent questions and answers

1.Please issue an exclusive sales contract for the period of time that the product will be sold through crowdfunding in Japan.

2.Ship samples of your products to Japan.

3.Send us the materials for promotion such as high-resolution images and videos

No. Crowdfunding is an initial test marketing activity which prepares the products for long-term sales in Japan.

We use the data and experience gained from the crowdfunding test campaign and develop a comprehensive sales strategy for the future sales of the product.

No, there are no fees. We only ask you to provide us with samples of your products, but if the unit price of the products is high, that is not required.

We do not stock products for test marketing through crowdfunding.

We ask that the MOQ be based on the number of units sold through the crowdfunding.

After that, if you want to sell the product on a major Japanese e-commerce site or at a mass retailer, we will stock the product.

You can sell your product on major Japanese e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo.
Also, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are actively participating in product exhibitions and selling our products to major mass retailers.

We are highly experienced in web marketing and have achieved great results in supporting our clients in creating crowdfunding pages and attracting customers in advance.

We have also supported many major e-commerce sites to achieve high rankings in the best-seller list, and we have received positive feedback from all of our clients.


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