------- Company Profile -------

------- Our selling point -------

We are good at web marketing and can use Facebook, TIKTOK, and Google ads to attract customers efficiently in advance, so we can get off to a good start!

We have designers and employees who are good at advertising management in our company, and we also have selected subcontractors outside the company, so we can work fast!

We are a member of one of the major crowdfunding communities in Japan, so we can provide you with a variety of support.

We are a member of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, so we can help you exhibit your products at trade shows and other events.

You can continue to sell your products at major e-commerce malls in Japan.

------- Our achievements -------

Crowdfunding achievements of our company and group companies

------- Sales Strategy -------

  1. Advance sales through crowdfunding
  2. Sales through EC malls
  3. Start approaching real stores, wholesalers, and physical stores
  4. Stalls at exhibitions such as the Tokyo International Gift Show

It is possible to do the general sales without carrying out the crowd-funding campaign, but there are great advantages and we strongly recommend that you first try the crowd-funding campaign.

One of the advantages is you can raise the awareness of the item in the Japanese market in advance. Crowd-funding gives us more opportunities to be featured in the media (newspapers, television programs, magazines, etc.). Your product is an attractive product, but it’s not yet well-known in Japan. Therefore, it’s best to raise awareness by carrying out the crowd-funding campaign before selling it to the general public.

If you could let us handle crowd-funding campaigns, there is no hassle for your side. We will bear all costs and handle all the work such as creating the campaign page, dealing with Japanese supporters/customers, and domestic shipping etc.
、All you need to do is to provide a product sample, send us some promotional assets such as product images and videos, and an exclusive contract for the crowd-funding period only. After the campaign is over, we will place an order with you and pay for it, so all you have to do is ship the items to our warehouse.

------- 1st month -------

  1. Exclusive sales contract for submission to crowdfunding
  2. Preparation of product samples
  3. Confirmation of web materials and documents
  4. Apply for listing on MAKUAKE or GREEN FUNDING and meet with them.

------- 2nd month -------

  1. Create landing pages for pre-advertising
  2. Ad placement
  3. Press releases
  4. Crowdfunding page creation
  5. Start crowdfunding

------- 3rd month -------

  1. Create instructions and other materials in Japanese
  2. Prepare for online sales (Amazon, Rakuten, YAHOO)
  3. End of crowdfunding

------- 4th month -------

  1. Start online sales
  2. Start approaching real stores, wholesalers, and physical stores
  3. Start of wholesale sales to real stores
  4. Stalls at product events such as the Tokyo Gift Show
  5. Product Dispatch


Most frequent questions and answers

1.Please issue an exclusive sales contract for the period of time that the product will be sold through crowdfunding in Japan.

2.Ship samples of your products to Japan.

3.Send us the materials for promotion such as high-resolution images and videos

No. Crowdfunding is an initial test marketing activity which prepares the products for long-term sales in Japan.

We use the data and experience gained from the crowdfunding test campaign and develop a comprehensive sales strategy for the future sales of the product.

No, there are no fees. We only ask you to provide us with samples of your products, but if the unit price of the products is high, that is not required.

We do not stock products for test marketing through crowdfunding.

We ask that the MOQ be based on the number of units sold through the crowdfunding.

After that, if you want to sell the product on a major Japanese e-commerce site or at a mass retailer, we will stock the product.

You can sell your product on major Japanese e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo.
Also, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are actively participating in product exhibitions and selling our products to major mass retailers.

We are highly experienced in web marketing and have achieved great results in supporting our clients in creating crowdfunding pages and attracting customers in advance.

We have also supported many major e-commerce sites to achieve high rankings in the best-seller list, and we have received positive feedback from all of our clients.